Fitch Ratings published DTEK Renewables B.V. Long-term Rating

Fitch Ratings published DTEK Renewables B.V. Long-term Rating

Renewables06 July 2018

Fitch Ratings, the international rating agency, published today DTEK Renewables B.V. Long-term Rating at ‘B-’, Outlook Stable.

This rating equals to the level of sovereign rating of Ukraine.

DTEK Renewables B.V. is the holding company consolidating all of DTEK’s assets in the renewable energy sector. The company’s portfolio includes operating assets as the Botievo Wind Farm (200 MW) and Tryfanovska SPP (10 MW). Another two projects are currently under construction – Nikopol SPP (200 MW) and the first stage of Primorskaya WEP (100 MW). The company expects to build up its current portfolio by five times up to a total close of 1 GW by the year 2020.

The agency notes that good ratings are underpinned by the company’s stable financial position and a supportive regulatory framework for the Ukrainian renewable energy sector. The rating is constrained by the still relatively small size of the company compared to other European utilities focused on renewables, and general risks of the operational and macroeconomic environment of Ukraine.

“The rating of DTEK Renewables B.V. assigned by Fitch Ratings confirms the economic strength and stable outlook for the company. This independent rating provides a good benchmark for our business and should send a positive signal to external credit markets,” commented Philipp Leckebusch, CEO of DTEK Renewables.