Sustainable development

DTEK Renewables corporate policies and processes adhere to internationally accepted ESG (Environmental Social and Governance) principles and standards, including respect for local and international law; sustainability and environmental protection; fundamental commitment to responsible investment; social responsibility towards its employees and local communities.

Social Partnership

We operate in multiple regions and being a good neighbor is integral part of our business.

Together with local communities, we develop Social Partnership Programs (SPPs) trying to provide full support and directly deal with the most significant issues facing the communities. Our goal is to make the areas our company operates in a better place to live in.

Within the framework of SPPs in 2012-2019, we implemented 77 projects in the Zaporizhzhya, Dnipropetrovsk and Kherson regions that totaled more than UAH 36 mln. Taking into consideration the needs from the community we’ve tackled a number of economic and social infrastructure issues: financed repairs of water supply systems, paramedic-midwife and ambulatory care facilities, schools and daycares, park and recreation area renovations, street lighting installations, purchase of school buses, computer and medical equipment and many others. 
In 2019 we’ve launched a new project for the areas we run our business in - DIY Community - to mobilize communities to make good use of their own resources with financial support from our Company. This is a conscious effort to enhance the sense of ownership and responsibility in the communities. Six communities took part in the project — 20 projects were implemented for the amount of 1.5 million UAH.
We not only strive to generate positive societal impact but to shift the mindset of the communities about sustainable energy resources – wind and solar energy. We boast a leading position in industrial tourism in Ukraine – owing to our facility tours, more than 5 thousand visitors have had a rare look into the heart of wind and solar stations.

Sustainable development
Occupational safety

We have introduced a set of measures to ensure safe working conditions for our employees.

The industrial personnel of DTEK Renewables plants regularly undergo labor protection, industrial safety and fire trainings. The working conditions of the staff comply with regulatory indicators.
Our production process is certified according to ISO 45011 "Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems".

Sustainable development
Environmental protection

We strictly observe the environmental legislation of Ukraine. Our environmental management system is certified according to the international standard ISO 14001: 2015.

DTEK Renewables strives to use reclaimed industrial zones for solar projects and make minimal impact on wildlife with wind projects. We always procure world-standard EIA reports prior to construction.

At our own initiative, we undertake the annual study on the impact of wind power installations on the environment, including bird and bat population monitoring.

In 2019 our supply of green electricity allowed avoiding the equivalent of 2.6 million tons of CO2 emissions.

The environmental activities of DTEK Renewables are based on the DTEK Environmental Policy.

DTEK Renewables is one of the largest clean energy producers in Ukraine. With a growing RES assets portfolio, DTEK Renewables is committed to being a leader in climate change mitigation and contributing to reaching Ukrainian Energy Strategy targets on RES generation growth to 25 TWh by 2035.

According to the national Energy Strategy, a quarter of the energy output in 2035 shall be produced from the renewable sources.

DTEK Renewables is a key investor in Ukrainian green energy: nearly 1.2 bn euros were invested into the construction of 1 GW of 100% carbon-free energy facilities in Ukraine.

Investing in renewable energy, we are contributing to sustainable development of the Ukrainian energy sector.

Sustainable development

DTEK Renewables input in reducing CO2 emissions



Sustainable development

The company successfully attracts debt financing for realizing wind and solar power projects. We cooperate with international financial partners (Euler Hermes, EKF, KUKE, EGAP, Sinosure) and comply with the highest environmental, social and health and safety standards.
DTEK Renewables carries out an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) before developing renewable projects in order to fully take into consideration environmental impacts associated with solar and wind farms. The EIA identifies and assesses environmental risks and anticipates potential negative and positive social externalities associated with the project.

Over the years, DTEK Renewables has proven its status as a reliable partner for financial institutions and ECAs. DTEK Renewables is flexible on types of financing and conducts various types of financial deals.

The company’s investment portfolio includes syndicated loans, and projects financing backed by different European and Chinese Insurance Credit Agencies and strategic partnership. The company also cooperates with national financial institutions and banks.

EIA reports
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