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In the wind energy sector, DTEK Renewables is represented by the Botievo Wind Farm with the installed capacity of 200 MW. It is the biggest wind farm in Ukraine and is among the five largest wind parks of the Central and Eastern Europe.

The company also implements the project of development of Prymorskaya WPP with a capacity of 200 MW in Zaporizhzhya Region. 

In 2017 DTEK Renewables implemented it¢s first project in the solar energy sector. The company constructed Tryfanovska Solar Farm with the installed capacity of 10 MW in Kherson Region.

Botievo Wind Farm


Botievo Wind Farm was commissioned in 2012. The farm operates 65 Vestas wind turbines. The total investment in the Botievo Wind Farm amounted to EUR 340 million.


Trifanivska solar power plant is the company’s pilot solar energy project. The plant’s design capacity is 10 MW. The construction of Trifanivska SPP started in March and was completed in July 2017. The facility is equipped with 37 thousand solar panels supplied by JA Solar (China), and ABB’s inverters manufactured in Italy.

The plant will produce 11–12 million kW·h of green energy a year. This is enough to power four thousand households. Trifanivska SPP was commissioned and began generating green kW·h for the United Energy Systems of Ukraine in August 2017. During five months of operation in 2017 it produced 3.8 million kW·h of electric power.


Wind farm in Primorsk with a capacity of 200 MW is DTEK RES’ second project in the wind power industry.
The company plans to complete the construction of wind electricity plant stage I in 2018. In early 2019 Primorskaya WEP will be connected to the United Energy Systems of Ukraine and begin generating green energy. Two stages of Primorskaya WEP, 100 MW each, are scheduled for commissioning in 2020.
Supply, installation and maintenance of 3-megawatt wind turbines for Primorskaya WEP will be provided by General Electric.

The wind farm will produce 650 to 700 million kW·h of green energy a year. Resulting from the operation of the Primorsk WEP, CO2 emissions into the atmosphere will be reduced by 600-700 thousand tonnes annually, due to the decrease in the load of traditional generation facilities.
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