About Company

DTEK Renewables is an operating company, which manages DTEK’s assets in the field of renewable power generation.
Today, DTEK Renewables is the largest producer of electricity generated from renewables in Ukraine. In 2018, the sale of “green” electricity amounted to 677 million kWh, which is 6.1% more than a year earlier.
This volume of electricity is enough to provide electricity to more than 350 thousand households over the course of the year.

The company’s structure includes the operational Botyievska WEP (200 MW), the largest wind farm in Ukraine; the Trifanovska SPP (10 MW); the Nikopolska SPP (200 MW); and Wind Tech, a company that provides services for wind turbines. Three more projects are at advanced stages of development and construction: Prymorska WPP (200 MW, 2 stages); the Orlivska WPP (100 MW); and the Pokrovska SPP (240 MW).
The strategy of DTEK Renewables aims for growth of the project portfolio up to 1 GW by 2020.